6 Reasons to have a themed party

Any kind of themed party is way more exciting than your typical event, from birthdays to corporate events. So whether it’s a 70s disco, a fancy celebrity party, or travel to a specific part of the world, adding a theme to your event is always the way to go!

Here are some reasons why to choose a themed party:

People are more likely to attend your event

Having a theme gives your event an instant boost of uniqueness. It also makes your event way more memorable because guests have to get creative in planning out what they are going to wear.

Picture Opportunities

People will want to show their amazing creativity and sense of humor by taking a thousand photos with theatrical poses and with the decoration. Your event will be the main thing on Facebook and Instagram.

Networking and Small Talk Options

If you’re at a loss for words, you can always fall back on the theme for starting to talk to somebody. Ask him to explain why he chose that particular outfit. You will make a better and more memorable first impression by introducing yourself in character.

Great Food and Decorations

The best theme parties always have atmospheric decorations and awesome matching food.

Outfit Planning Sessions

Getting ready for a theme party is way more fun than dressing up for a regular event. Your guests will have a blast coming up with a ton of looks that will grab the attention of guests and organizers

The Chance To Feel Like A Kid Again

Any opportunity to dress up is really an opportunity to become someone else for a night. It’s a fun occasion to forget about your worries for a few hours. That’s why we recommend going full out at any themed event. It’s about embracing that fairytale magic you felt during childhood.


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